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Accident & Emergency Tips

Tips to help yourself and others in an accident emergency.

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Be careful of trucks carrying bars

Driving Safely in Fog

Ideally, you should avoid driving in fog as reduced visibility increases the risk of accidents. But if you do have to drive in foggy conditions, please follow these basic tips,

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Our view on the horrific 14th April, Jaipur incident

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Tips for Safe Driving in Fog

Taking note of several fog-related accidents in the past few days, SaveLife Foundation (SLF) has issued an advisory on its website requesting motorists to avoid driving in thick fog. The advisory also provides tips for safe driving in fog incase you do have to get behind the wheel.

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SLF Impact: Govt bans trucks from carrying protruding rods

In response to a Writ Petition filed by SaveLIFE Foundation in the honorable Supreme Court of India, the Government of India has deleted a provision from Central Motor Vehicle Rules which allowed for protrusion of sharp load from the back of trucks.

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Delhi Govt Notification on Emergency Care

Februrary 05, 2014

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November 05, 2013: Over one million people have died in the past decade in India due to road crashes. Their sheer frequency and familiarity may account for why the general public expresses little anger over this loss of life.

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FORBES MAGAZINE: SaveLife Wants Citizens to Help Accident Victims

Forbes India: July 31, 2013: Personal tragedy propelled Piyush Tewari to his mission: Provide rapid trauma care to accident victims and save their lives.

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LATEST NEWS: Supreme Court issues notice on SLF's PIL against trucks carrying protruding rods

New Delhi July 16, 2013: In response to the PIL filed by SaveLIFE Foundation in the Honourable Supreme Court of India to address accidents and deaths caused by trucks carrying protruding rods and those left irresponsibly parked or stalled on the road, the honourable court has issued notice to the Government of India asking why it should not strike down the section that allows for such protrusions to occur.

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Why should I care?

  • India has the highest number of road accidents deaths in the world - over 1,35,000 in 2012 alone. On an average, 15 people die and 60 are seriously injured every hour in road accidents in India.
  • 80% of road accident victims in India do not receive any emergency medical care within the critical first hour after an accident. (Study by the Indian Journal of Surgery -2006)
  • According to the Law Commission of India, 50% fatalities can be averted if victims get even basic care on time. That's 70,000 lives!
Road Fatalities
  • While Police first-responders in most states are untrained to provide any medical aid, bystanders and passers-by choose to remain spectators for fear of getting involved in prolonged legal procedures.
  • With emergency medical services missing or inadequate in most parts of the country, Police and bystanders can play a life-saving role for victims if trained and empowered to do so.

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What can I do?

  1. If you witness or come across an accident, the least you can do is call the Police and ambulance service.
  2. Learn how to help accident victims.

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